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Smile Experts is a denture and implant clinic located in St. Albert and situated in The Shops at Boudreau Centre.

Our location boasts spectacular views, terraced architecture, plenty of natural sunlight and is surrounded by a mix of luxury boutiques and restaurants.

At Smile Experts we pride ourselves in helping patients showcase their beautiful smiles to the world for all to see.

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Denture Services

Our Denture & Implant Services

Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

Custom-molded removable prosthetic devices constructed to replace your natural teeth.

Surgical Dentures

Surgical Dentures

Inserted immediately after extraction of your natural teeth to protect your gums during the healing processs.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

Removable prosthetic devices created for aesthetic purposes to replace one or more missing teeth.

Removable Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures

"Snap on" removable dentures that feel more secured than conventional dentures that use suction.

Fixed Dental Implants

Implant Supported Dentures

Full-mouth fixed dental implants that entail surgically adding 4-6 implants on to the jaws to hold the dentures.

Denture Rebase, Relines, and Repairs

Rebase, Relines, & Repairs

Dentures wear down over time. We restore fit, function, and appearance so they feel like new again!

Experience the Difference

Behind every smile is a story. A story that reflects a person’s inner state and what’s on their mind at any point in time. For some people, it’s a story of feeling self-conscious and ashamed about their teeth – a missing tooth or many, trouble eating, pain, the list goes on.


The truth is, you deserve to smile and look your absolute best. No hiding – just being able to express yourself freely and happily – every single day.


Oftentimes, all you need is a little outside help to bring you from a place of self-consciousness to a place of total confidence, where your smile is restored and your colors can truly shine.


That’s where the Smile Experts come in, so you can Experience The Difference.

Edmonton Denture and Implant Clinic

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Denture Repair

Your dentures will inevitably change over time. Get them feeling brand new again!

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