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Can you sleep with dentures?

Wearing dentures in your sleep is not recommended. Dentures need six to eight hours of rest per day to rest the tissues under them. To keep your mouth bacteria-free, and your gums healthy, make sure to remove your dentures every night before going to sleep.

How much do dentures cost?

The pricing of dentures depends on what treatment option you decide to proceed withWe offer standard denturespersonalized dentures and implant dentures. All options are composed of the highest quality and leading materials in the industry. 

How do I take care of my dentures at night?

Soak dentures overnight.

Place the dentures in water, mouthwash, or a denture cleaning solution overnight. Do not brush your dentures with toothpaste as it is abrasive and will cause the denture teeth to wear down faster.

How long does it take to get used to wearing dentures?

For patients that are familiar with wearing dentures it’s usually a very easy transition of about one to two weeksfor new denture wearers it will take about 30 days, on average. 

We like to use the analogy of breaking into a new pair of shoes. It takes time but you will get used to it. It’s definitely worth the new smile! 

How many implants will I need for my Implant Dentures?

The amount of implants required depends on your oral cavity, this must be thoroughly assessed prior to deciding. 

Can I use my existing Dentures & new dentures?

We never recommend switching between your old dentures and new dentures. We want your gums to adapt to the new set of dentures. Switching between sets can cause discomfort and excessive sore spots. 

Do I still have to brush my dentures?

Yes. You should brush your dentures after every meal, in the morning and before you sleep with water or mouthwash. Toothpaste is abrasive and should not be used on dentures. 

Will my dentures be covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies do cover dentures. This depends on your insurance plan, typically patients are covered for a new set every 5 years. 

Do you direct bill insurance companies?

Yes, we direct bill majority of insurance companies.

What is the difference between regular dentures and implant dentures?

Regular dentures sit on top of your gums and are not anchored down to or attached to implantsThe main difference is in the stability of your dentures and preservation of the jaw bone. Implant dentures are much more stable and will help preserve your existing jaw bone. When you do not have any teeth in your mouth, the jaw bone shrinks at a faster rate as there is no blood flow to the area. Dental implants promote blood flow to the area as they mimic a persons natural tooth root.

What is the difference between standard dentures and personalized dentures?

Standard dentures are the most economical option, this is a great option if you are on a budget and don’t mind replacing your dentures sooner. Personalized dentures will last significantly longer as the teeth are more dense as they are composed of more layers, the denture base is custom tinted to match your natural gums and is fabricated according to the angulation of your upper jaw. 

Can you eat hard candy or steak with dentures?

Hard candy and steak can be difficult to chew even for people with all their natural teeth. Chewing Hard candy is not recommended as you are more likely to chip the denture teeth and biting down on chewy steak can cause instability and sore spots in the mouth. 

You don’t have to avoid hard candies or steak entirely. Just cut up the steak into smaller pieces and be very cautious when you are eating hard candies, don’t directly bite into them or chew on them. 

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