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Who Are We And What Makes Us Different?

Welcome to Smile Experts! We strive to offer the highest quality and most professional denture and implant services. We offer a wide range of personalized denture solutions so you can be assured that your dentures are strictly customized to you.


As our patient, you are a direct extension of our family, and we welcome you into our circle with open arms. Anyone who loves to smile is a friend of ours, and we can’t wait to put a bigger smile on your face the next time you come pay us a visit.


We strive to provide you with a world-class experience, from the moment you arrive to the time you leave, and beyond. It’s a philosophy we adopt that’s built on always trying to be better today than we were yesterday and this philosophy has served us well.


Today, we have a team of denturists and a variety of staff that are highly skilled within their domains. As well, we bring sophisticated techniques and cutting-edge technology, while always following strict safety and health standards.

Bassma Sharif - Smile Experts Denturist

A Message From the Smile Experts’ Founder – Bassma Sharif

“Hi! I’m Bassma Sharif, founder of Smile Experts and I want to give you a little background story on what inspired me on this journey and what made Smile Experts what it is today.


Years ago, I was personally touched by stories of people who were missing teeth or had no teeth, and couldn’t get the care they were looking for to not only look better, but to attain a better quality of life. Time and time again, I witnessed people (mainly elders) go through years of embarrassment of not going out in public, not smiling for pictures, not being able to eat and not acting their true happy self.


But more than that they had an immense fear of being judged or having any dental treatment done.


My goal with Smile Experts was not to just operate a “business” that generates revenue, as that is something I do not resonate with at all, rather deliver more than just a service to patients.


This gave me the idea, “I’m going to open my own practice that goes beyond just delivering services, one that actually gives patients an enjoyable experience when they walk through my front doors, and a feeling of contentment when they walk out.” 


So that’s just what I did. Creating the practice of my dreams with such an amazing team by my side and patients that I love to work with every day.


I can’t wait to meet you and I want to officially welcome you to the Smile Experts family!


Bassma Sharif DD, BSc
Smile Experts’ Founder

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